Family Celebration of the Divine Office

The New Liturgical Movement is a non-profit organization which focuses on the Sacred Liturgy, the Sacred Arts, Liturgical Catechetics, and Liturgical Praxis. They have quite a following on their blog, and also on their Facebook page.

A while back, a family from our church recorded some YouTube videos of themselves praying together at home, and this organization came across them. They referenced these videos in an encouraging article concerning The Family Celebration of the Divine Office.

These family prayers received an additional mention in another article, regarding The Indispensable Role of the Family in the New Liturgical Movement.

We are very thankful that the importance of home family prayer is receiving some notoriety. And we are grateful for many of the responses seen on this website’s posts. We pray that many families are encouraged to make daily family worship a priority.

If we do not make our Faith a priority at home,
then there is no point to making it a priority elsewhere.

The Christian walk begins at home.

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